Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vegetable Fill-Ins (:

Adding vegetable fill-ins to smart frozen dinners is a great way to bulk up the meal, make it more filling, and get another dose of super food!

Last night I decided to try one of Amy's Light & Lean meals with spaghetti and veggie meatballs. I had some zucchini around from my boyfriend's mom's garden so I decided to grate some up and put it in the meal.

What you will need:

Any Amy's Light & Lean Frozen Entree Meal with any type of pasta
Vegetable Add-Ins of your choice (zucchini, squash, carrots, broccoli slaw, etc.)

Since there is usually extra sauce in these types of meals adding quite a bit of the grated zucchini (at least a cup) made it truly delicious! I will definitely be buying more of these meals and keeping vegetables around to add in. This will be especially amazing when my busy school schedule starts up at the end of next month when there never seems to be enough time for a healthy, low calorie meal.

Don't be afraid to try these meals since they are vegetarian friendly. Trust me you will not even miss the meat, it tastes exactly like real spaghetti and meatballs and has a fabulous taste. Plus, you can enjoy this meal with only 240 calories by itself or with an added cup of grated zucchini it only adds about 20 calories to this perfectly proportioned meal, making it 260 calories.

You can find these frozen meals at any grocery store, but I bought mine at New Seasons Market.


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