Wednesday, April 9, 2014's been almost two years.... Opps.

I guess I should start off by saying that my worst mistake in starting this blog was probably deciding to do it before my second year of nursing school (which is rumored, and is, the toughest year of nursing school to get through). So anyways, I apologize for not having posted anything since the summer of 2012. Jeez. Time sure does fly.

Anyways, update on my life. I graduated from nursing school last month and am scheduled to take my state boards next week. I have been consumed with studying for those for these last three weeks and let me tell you stress can wreck you. I have found myself at times physically ill if I allow my thoughts to run wild with all of the "what-ifs." However, I try to combat these feelings by deep breathing and using positive talk.

I know that 650 people have looked at my blog since I posted all that time ago. I am not going to lie. I fell off the healthy eating train.....badly in my second year of nursing school. I gained so much weight. And I am currently trying to get myself to a more positive place in that aspect. I have recently joined Weight Watchers with a friend from nursing school has been on the program before and had great success. I am using the online program, along with the iPhone app, which is way convenient. I am having success with it so far, I have lost six pounds and that is better than nothing. I am also focusing on building up into a workout schedule. Slowly but surely.

I don't really know if I will continue to be posting only recipes that are low in calorie and great calorie finds on this blog anymore. I will probably use if for more things. A positive, healthy lifestyle is my focus. If I center around that in my own life, I can only imagine that the people I take care of as a nurse will appreciate that and be able to take my teaching more seriously. Since I have graduated from my ADN program I feel I will probably be able to stay on top of updating the blog more. I am starting my BSN program this summer though and will also be looking for part-time employment as an RN as I finish that. So if you know of any connections, let me know! (;  Just kidding, but seriously though!! It's hard for graduate nurses out there today.

I have been studying for large majority of the day and just finished write before I started to write this post. With that being said, I am going to sign off. As far as this blog goes, I am just going to kind of feel it out and see how it goes. If I can impact just one person, then I feel that it is...worth it all the while.